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Malta's favorites and some local shopping.

Hey there!
Do you know, what time is it? It's time for July's favorites! But since I've been to Malta for three weeks of July, let's turn the July's favorites to Malta's favorites! If you're fed up with posts dedicated to my maltese trip, calm down, because this is the last one, I promise. :D Let's begin with souvenirs!

Yeah, I know all the stories about how alcohol is bad for your health and so on, and I'm sorry for posting it here (especially if some of you are strictly against alcohol!), but this thing is just divine, and I'm not kidding. It's a liquor with coffee and pistachios taste, and it can be a perfect desert, because it's very sweet and delicious. You can find it on Malta as well, even though it's a sicilian liquor.

Lemon honey and pistachios and nut nutella are produced somewhere near the Etna volcano, and those are just perfect who is as in love in sweet things as I am. Nice and delicious with different cookies, chocolate and so on. 

I' ve been looking for this t-shirt like for weeks in Riga, and I have only found it in Valletta, can you imagine? Please, don't mind it looks a little bit messy, because it goes perfectly with totally different outfits. I think I'm going to prove it to you soon. :) 

John Lennon inspired sunglasses were one of my dreams and goals for shopping on Malta as well. I found them on Sicilian market and bought them for a totally ridiculous price :D If you want them, too, you can check on them on ebay.com or in your local shops - sunglasses like these are very popular this summer!

I bet all of know Kiko - italian cosmetics company, which is located mostly in Italy. We were lucky to be on Sicily, actually, because we found one of the shops in Taormina - the beautiful city on the seaside. I've found this red beauty there, and as for me, it's perfect! 

I also went shopping this week, and I just realised I started buying autumn clothes. It's a little bit sad, but this plaid shirt and warm spiked hat, aren't they perfect? As for me they are, and they are one of the reasons why I am actually waiting for fall. :D 

This is it for today, but hopefully I'll write another post (or, maybe, two!) in a week.
Thank you for staying with me! Love every single subscriber and reader of this blog!

xoxo Marie

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  1. me encanta el gorrito de pinchos... !!
    el rojo de kiko seguro es impresionante... y ese licor de pistachos... llama toda mi atencion!:D

    un besote