пятница, 3 мая 2013 г.

Paris of the North

There is no city as magical as Stockholm is. In my own list of the best cities in the world, Stockholm takes the second place after my hometown, Riga. There is some kind of special atmosphere there. Life is totally different, there is no rush in Stockholm. People are kind and friendly and it seems like they are always happy, no matter what. It wasn't the first time I've been there, but emotions are still the same and I can say that I'm totally inlove with this place.

The first place where we've been in Stockholm was the Museum of Modern Technologies. There were a lot of different interesting little things, like chocolates with chemicals on them or haute-couture dress made of
polyethylene, so I couldn't refuse using my camera and taking some cute photos.

One of those things which amaze me from time to time, is fashion in Stockholm, the way Swedish people dress and choose their clothes. It seems like it represents the freedom of their minds and their souls. It shows that they have found their life path, which they are following and nothing can divert them. I don't know, maybe there's no such meaning for the way they dress, but it's certainly amazing. I didn't actually have an opportunity to capture some of them, but anyway. To understand their fashion, you have to come to Sweden and see it yourself.

Sweet candy sticks with different filling which every tourist can get in literally every food shop. Those are truly delicious and very cheap, so if you will ever be in Stockholm, to try those is number one in your to-do-list.

And there's me. I'm not fond of appearing on pictures, but I had to bring some from this trip, so here it is. Once again, there wasn't enough time to take any, we've been there only for one day, but I hope to get there soon again and to take some real, proper pictures of Stockholm, the city I love so much.

 Wearing: Monton coat, scarf from Italy (a gift from friend), Zara bag.

This is it about my Stockholm trip.
Stay in touch, I will be back soon!

xx Marie

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