понедельник, 6 мая 2013 г.


Sunny and warm days are finally in Latvia! It means that we finally have an opportunity to wear what we really want to wear, not what the weather make us wear. Today I've been for a walk with my family, and I miss this kind of days so much, because I didn't have a chance to spend with them some time for a while because of school. I really hope that may will pass quickly, and we will be provided to ourselves.
As I've noticed, the blue blazer has become extremely popular in the last few years, so, I suppose, it has full rights to be called "classics", as the little black dress do. I wasn't in the mood for experiments today, so, to make my outfit more "classical" I've decided to fill it up with beige flats, which literally fit with everything. I've been owning the cute cupcake t-shirt for a while (thanks to Eli Cupcake for making it!), but I still love to wear it in different ways, because I find it really awesome and original. Oh, and by the way, if you guys have any questions. Writing this kind of posts I'm not trying to seem stylish and fashionable, I don't aspire to be some kind of fashion-blogger. I just want to share with you my views and opinions.

Wearing: Jeans, blazer, bag - Zara, flats - Next, shirt - Eli Cupcake.

Stay with me if you're interested in upcoming posts. 
I promise, those are gonna be interesting. 

xoxo Marie

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